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Name: Melony Age: 29 Sex: Female Birthday: November 12 Sign:… - ***The penpalling related community for the addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
***The penpalling related community for the addict

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[Nov. 5th, 2006|10:24 pm]
***The penpalling related community for the addict


[music |'Trust Me' by The Fray]

Name: Melony

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Birthday: November 12

Sign: Scorpio

Country: USA

Languages: English, (trying to learn Italian)

Main Interests: writing, reading, collecting stuff, scrapbooking, wwe, learning new things, (I have alot of interests)

your passions: I'm passionate about everything.

Described as: Funny, Passionate, Caring, loveable, sweet, spontaneus, adverterous, honest, opinionaited, outgoing, crazy (in a good way, lol)

Seeking: A penpal or 100 that likes to write and will be a friend and write more than a couple of letters. Friendship is not measured in miles. :)

what means penpalling to you? A chance to meet other people that I wouldn't have the chance to meet otherwise.

Things you swap: Stationary, stickers, Kawaii and Sanrio stuff, postcards, mixed cd's etc, you never really know with me.

Do you collect anything?: keychains, stickers, shotglasses, postcards, wwe stuff,

your favourite author: Fern Michaels, Nicholas Sparks

What sex do you want them to be?: either

Where do you want them to be from?: Anywhere

Any other interesting penpalish tidbits you want people to know?:

what is your writing style: Somewhat sloppy but readable.

a picture if you feel like it:http;//myspace.com/coldheartedgoddess

[User Picture]From: ladykayy
2009-02-16 03:18 am (UTC)


I'm Kendra. :] I'm just shy of 18...by very mature. I love writing long letters and I hate the kind where all you list are your hobbies and such and then end the letter. I'm in my first semester of community college at the moment and I have tons and tons of time between classes and during the boring ones to write to you! i love traveling, reading, writing, doing crafts, collecting stationary, and lots of other things. I'm super unique, creative, and fun! And kind of a dork. And a bit anti-social towards other 'real' people but my pen pal friendships save me! I tend to write long-ish, chatty letters and love decorating them and sending little gifts along too!

I want someone who wont just disapear after 2 letters. :/

Email me?

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